Can I invite someone to join CofounderZone as angel investor?
Sure. You can invite anyone you think would like to join by asking them to fill out the application form.

Is there a cost for joining CofounderZone?
No. Joining CofounderZone is free.

What do I get as a CofounderZone member?
As a CofounderZone member you will receive a regular, curated deal flow of startup projects. These are opportunities we are actively looking at and plan to syndicate a co-investments.

Is there a time commitment?
Not really. It is up to you how much time you invest. Nevertheless, we encourage you to revise our deal flow frequently.

Who should apply?
Any potential investor who is interested in investing in early stage companies.

What happens once I apply?
We will review your application and get back to you within few days of applying with an answer.

How do you syndicate deals?
We make investments on a deal-by-deal basis in a co-investment with business angels. Investors participate in a round at the level of 50%, another 50% is committed by CofounderZone. We take both, lead and follower investor roles in transactions, co-investing with other vc funds.

What type of opportunities do you see?
We are a generalist fund and analyse opportunities from a wide spectrum of industries, both tech and non-tech related. Our main focus regarding deal flow is on companies that are at an early stage of development, but they already have a defined product, generate first revenues, are characterized by growing traction, and a founding team consisting of specialists in their field. We put strong emphasis on companies with exposure to Polish market, where we believe that CofounderZone could create some added value through the experience of our team and network.

How do you receive deals?
An extensive network of contacts allows us to generate potential investment projects from various sources: syndication from a wide network of partners and advisers, acceleration and incubation programs, bootcamps, hackatons, pitch events, meetups, fairs and conferences, innovation scouts, or universities.

What are the benefits of co-investment with CofounderZone?
We take care of the due diligence process and negotiation of terms with potential portfolio companies. Business angels invest on the same terms as our fund. Nevertheless on exit, business angels participate in the distribution of the investment surplus on preferential terms - business angels receive 65% of profits vs. 35% goes to our fund. CofounderZone also cares for active monitoring of portfolio companies and actively supports them at subsequent stages of development, mainly in obtaining follow-on rounds from our network. Business angels enter the capital structure of a startup directly, as individuals or through an SPV that we could help to incorporate.